Third Time’s the Charm!

Well, hello there. I'm back from Seattle--from performing in my third Moisture Festival! This year I presented my "Clockwork Chameleon" static trapeze act (see the new trailer and pics here). I am always delighted to perform in Seattle, meeting exciting new people and getting to know their vibrant circus community. This year I also had the [...]

Springtime in Seattle…

...was lovely! I had the honor of performing again this year at Moisture Festival, and Seattle was so lovely compared to Chicago that I sort of wish the festival lasted all year and I could just stay there. 😉 I've posted a few new pics to the act page, but here is my favorite one:

Hmm…I guess it’s winter now.

Well, it's not even Thanksgiving and we already had a snowstorm and now it's wretchedly cold. At least I get to use all my colorful socks and legwarmers during warm-up and stretching now. Let's see...October flew by! I did a challenging, but awesome gig for Acrobatica Infiniti at Elgin's Nightmare on Chicago Street. It was intense [...]

All the things!

Wow, time flies. I can't believe it's already fall. Well, here's a little recap for you: Aerial Expo in Des Moines was a blast, and I'm looking forward to performing at their Misfit Cabaret on Halloween and teaching a static trapeze intensive workshop. Here is a shot from the Aerial Expo performance; it was sort of [...]

Phew! That was intense. :)

A couple weeks ago, I performed at Denver's Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival and was honored to receive the Audience Choice Award. It was an incredible experience: stressful, certainly, but also encouraging and educational. I met some really lovely the people, and I hope our paths will cross again. In just under two weeks, I will be [...]

Summer Shenanigans

Lots of things coming up! June wrapped up with my debut performance of my new (single-point) trapeze act at Uptown Underground with Acrobatica Infiniti: I also bounced around in dance piece as Gir from Invader Zim. Much hilarity ensued. 😀 In just two weeks I'll head off to Denver to perform in the Aerial Acrobatic Arts [...]

Acrobatica Infiniti and More

Why, hello there! It's been a while hasn't it?! The end of May was marked by Acrobatica Infiniti's gala show in which I performed my act as the Dark Phoenix: Next Friday I will be debuting a new act (low single-point trapeze), costumed as Catwoman at Acrobatica Infiniti's "After Dark" show. In July I'll be [...]

Moisture Festival

Holy cow. Was it amazing. I had a wonderful time at the Moisture Festival. Everybody was so nice, Seattle is beautiful in the spring, and it was a fantastic learning experience. Plus, I got some fabulous new photos from David Rose, John Cornicello and Michelle Bates...and I got lovely new video footage, which I'll be working [...]