Projects in Progress

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of performing at Circus in Progress for the Actors Gymnasium. What a great show! And I got to meet lots of new, talented people. Also, I will be teaching an intermediate static trapeze workshop for the Actors Gymnasium in November and December, which I am very excited about! [...]

Acrobatica Infiniti: The Nerd Circus

Hey...hey, you. You know what you should do? Head over to Acrobatica Infiniti's Facebook page and give it a like! We also have a Tumblr, a Twitter and an Instagram. I am thrilled to be a part of this up and coming circus company. I have always loved the Dark Phoenix and now...I can actually be her. [...]

El Circo Cheapo and other awesome-sauce

Well, it has been a busy month...! I have been running around all over the Chicago area, re-familiarizing myself with the circus scene. I had the pleasure and privilege to learn doubles trapeze from Duo Rose with my base, Tank.Then I got to perform for the El Circo Cheapo Cabaret, which was thrilling. I should have some great [...]

Beginnings are the best

I had a blast at the AAFA Expo, and can't wait for next year! My act's debut performance was very well received and I really enjoyed the workshops. Last night, I attended El Circo Cheapo, which was fantastic, and I got a sneak peek at three amazing acts from the upcoming Dinner of Our Discontent. [...]