Just wanted to pop in and share a few photos from a new sling act, "Hecate", that I debuted this past weekend at Sanctuary Cabaret at Aloft Circus Arts. I worked on the act over the summer for two shows with Yes Ma'am Circus. I played Mélusine, which is a character from a French fairytale. [...]

It’s Here!

After much deliberation, I have at last started a Patreon. Many thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on the draft, and I hope those of you who subscribe will continue to give me feedback. It's a work in progress!

A Sudden Turn of Events

For the better! In early August I learned that Les Farfadais was looking a to hire a new cast member for their production of AirOtic in Chicago. A whirlwind of weeks later, here we are already in October and I am performing every weekend with them! The show is quite the marathon: I am performing [...]

Forward Momentum

Yikes, I am terrible at updating this blog, but I've been keeping busy, I promise! Due to the pandemic, shows have been few and far between, so I've been focusing most of my efforts on research and coaching. In April I took a lovely trip to Olympia and taught two workshops at Airbound Arts and [...]

Quarantine Blues

I miss trapeze / sling like I'm sure a chameleon would miss a tree branch if you deprived it of one. I miss the tactile world of it...the textures...the feeling of holding, being held, squished, squeezed, suspended. I miss it the way other people would miss a person.This absence, this deprivation, is revealing just how [...]

Check out these GIFs

I continue to be terrible at keeping up with this blog. What have I been doing? I was true to my word and spent the last few months developing a sling act without pulls. I'm pretty happy with the result, and though trapeze will remain my first love, I am increasingly invested in this peculiar [...]

Busy, busy!

Hello, I am alive. I have not kept my promise to keep this blog updated...oops. Since my last post, I travelled to Europe on what was more or less a "train-cation". I visited friends, took class at Association Volaverunt in Paris and tortured myself with swinging trapeze lessons in Brussels. I've taught a bunch of [...]

Another page turned

Hello there. I have at last revamped this damn website. It was a pain-in-the-ass project fueled by an especially delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I have also revamped my visual art portfolio website, so have a looksie there, too. As 2018 enters its death throes, I feel I should contemplate, summarize and over-analyze. In some ways, I [...]