Forward Momentum

Yikes, I am terrible at updating this blog, but I’ve been keeping busy, I promise! Due to the pandemic, shows have been few and far between, so I’ve been focusing most of my efforts on research and coaching. In April I took a lovely trip to Olympia and taught two workshops at Airbound Arts and Sparrow Studios, and I just returned from teaching a ton of private lessons and workshops at The Artists’ Asylum in Atlanta! If you think your studio would be interested in hosting some workshops, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Another project that is in the works is a Patreon. PJ Perry has long been an inspiration of mine and runs a very successful Patreon (check it out). Several people have suggested I start a Patreon of my own, so I’m currently doing a poll to gauge interest; submit your feedback here!

Me, circa July 2020, trying to stay sane during this crazy year