A Sudden Turn of Events

For the better! In early August I learned that Les Farfadais was looking a to hire a new cast member for their production of AirOtic in Chicago. A whirlwind of weeks later, here we are already in October and I am performing every weekend with them! The show is quite the marathon: I am performing mini aerial hoop, confetti bed partner acro, a trio striptease in black light, dance trapeze, and bathtub partner acro… Phew! I missed performing so much during 2020, but the intensity of this show is more than making up for it! 😀

The show will run through the end of November, and if you’re in Chicago, I hope you will attend!

I have been so busy with rehearsals and performing that I have not been able to focus quite as much on coaching, especially virtual private lessons, but it has made me think more strategically about how to make online coaching a viable option for both my schedule and my students’ progress. I am testing out a coaching via video correspondence program: read about it here and sign up here!

Photos from the AirOtic partner acro acts!