Check out these GIFs

I continue to be terrible at keeping up with this blog. What have I been doing? I was true to my word and spent the last few months developing a sling act without pulls. I’m pretty happy with the result, and though trapeze will remain my first love, I am increasingly invested in this peculiar apparatus I call “squishy trapeze”.

Every time I come to sit on my trapeze, I feel at home, anchored. It remains my true area of expertise. I visited Toronto this past summer and got to play with a couple of other trapezistas. So much fun! I learned roll-ups out of cross-back. The front cross remains rather tricky to get into, but I started releasing into ankles out of it, which is pretty sweet:

I have started choreographing some exciting new things for what may become a new trapeze act (I’ve been thinking of exploring my sling act character, the Monstrous Madame Mantis, on trapeze…). I’ve really been enjoying sharing to Instagram as there seems to be a very passionate following of static trapeze and sling, but I’ve noticed that, unsurprisingly, I’ve been expending rather too much time mental energy on it. I intend to keep my new trapeze discoveries to myself for now…

Mini aerial hoop continues to prove itself ouchy, but incredibly practical and convenient for gigs with low ceilings.

Last month I went on a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation to Maui and got to visit Maui Aerial Arts while I was there. So many turtles, dolphins, fish! I even saw a tiny moray eel.

Next month I will be taking a road trip to Montreal and I cannot wait! I want to learn all the things!