Busy, busy!

Hello, I am alive. I have not kept my promise to keep this blog updated…oops. Since my last post, I travelled to Europe on what was more or less a “train-cation”. I visited friends, took class at Association Volaverunt in Paris and tortured myself with swinging trapeze lessons in Brussels. I’ve taught a bunch of classes, and this weekend my students are performing a dance trapeze version of Alice in Wonderland…eight students and three trapezes! We had to be quite inventive.

I’ve performed, too, and here are some highlights:

December – Aloft Sanctuary

For the Aloft Circus Arts Holiday Market, I did a fun little Nutcracker-themed solo and group act with one of my classes. I love my students; I don’t know how they put up with my tyranny…

I have been enjoying performing regularly at Untitled Supper Club with my mini aerial hoop:

Last weekend I performed my static trapeze act…the catcher’s half-twist to ankles hasn’t been incorporated yet, but it will be!

This month I’ve decided to focus on sling, working on some new dynamic sequences and developing a version of my act without pulls. I also want to start working on a new dance trapeze act…

Bye. 🙂