Hmm…I guess it’s winter now.

Well, it’s not even Thanksgiving and we already had a snowstorm and now it’s wretchedly cold. At least I get to use all my colorful socks and legwarmers during warm-up and stretching now.

Let’s see…October flew by! I did a challenging, but awesome gig for Acrobatica Infiniti at Elgin’s Nightmare on Chicago Street. It was intense what with the wind, the cold, the helicopters whirring by overhead and the fact that I had to perform my (static) act three times! It went well, though, and there were some great pics:

I also taught an intensive static trapeze workshop at Des Moines’ Iowa Fly Girl Aerial Arts Academy on Halloween weekend and performed with Misfit Cabaret.

The highlight of November was performing triple trapeze with the incomparable Catherine Jett and Kae Devyn. We had such a hilarious and amazing time working together, and we put together this act in just under a month!