Monstrous Madame Mantis

man-eater : (figuré) n. mante religieuse

“Man-eater” in English is translated as “praying mantis” in French. This act also pays tribute to the concept of “Art Monster”, the artist who sacrifices everything, herself and her loved ones, who devours to create and who lets herself be devoured by her artistic vision.

Clockwork Chameleon

A whimsical and eerie static trapeze act in which a peculiar creature comes to life…


A fiery, face-paced dance trapeze act, performed at a very low height, that blends the aesthetics of flamenco, belly dancing and fan manipulation


An angelical creature, a diabolical femme fatale is caught between two worlds, her two selves. Like the magical Firebird, she is both a blessing and a curse. Her dance depicts an internal struggle: a quest to break away, make peace and fly free.