Just a small update for today because I’m currently fighting it out with an oil piece that’s giving me a lot of trouble. I’ll post pics as soon as it stops looking like a pile of crap, promise. So, two things:

1) If you haven’t heard of Proko and you want to learn to draw, this is the place to start. His drawing videos are fantastic, and he is starting a series of videos specific to figure drawing, which I am very excited about. Now, I’m a big fan of art books and I have quite a few, and maybe you do, too, but seriously–check out these videos. They are very engaging and the concepts/processes are not only described but demonstrated marvelously. At any rate, I am going to go ahead and shamelessly link to the premium membership in the hopes of winning one. If I don’t get it, it’ll be at the top of my birthday list! 🙂

2) I have two pieces (L’Escargot aux yeux écarquillés and A Drawing in Likeness of the Queen, With Ceremonial Sword) in Gallery Provocateur’s Modern Muse exhibition and the opening reception is this Saturday! The gallery is in a new space since last year with high, airy ceilings; as an aerialist, this is a vast improvement in my opinion, but I suppose the labyrinthine quality of the last one, albeit small, had its charm. When I dropped off my pieces, I had the pleasure of getting a glimpse of other artists’ work there (some from the previous show and some that will be in Modern Muse)…beautiful, enchanting eccentricities that are not to be missed!