This past weekend was spent at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live helping Aaron Miller with his booth. What a great learning experience and so much amazing art! It was kind of painful being there, though, for two reasons: 1) I couldn’t afford to buy all the art I wanted, and 2) I quickly realized how much harder I will have to work for my art to be at the level I want it to be. 

I only got two portfolio critiques–one from Ryan Lee and another from Peter Morbacher–but combine them with being exposed to so much spectacular art at once was enough to make me quickly realize the truth about where I’m at right now versus where I want to be.
Some bright points: 
Also, look at all these amazing business cards and flyers I picked up! Each one is like a tiny work of art!

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  1. Keep the faith. Your work is creative and beautiful. You will get where you want to be.

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