Happy spring! ‘Tis the season for pollywogs (tadpoles)! Here is a new piece to celebrate:

“Madame Hélice de La Mare”
I have plenty of process documentation for this one since I was doing it as part of an online course. Honestly, I can’t say I got that much from the course, but someone in an earlier learning stage might. You can, however, pretty much get the same amount of information and feedback from online communities like Awesome Horse Studios and Crimson Daggers. The main reason for my doing the course was because 1) I’m a huge admirer of Justin Gerard‘s draftsmanship, and 2) there was a promotional discount. 
So, here’s the process:
Thumbnails (There were actually more, but I didn’t see the point in scanning them all.)
Rough Sketch & Values
Color Comps
Final Painting
So, that’s that…now to see if someone will critique it!