So, I was slightly aghast when I realized how small my upcoming piece is going to be–the canvas itself is still on the large side, but the figure is much smaller than those in a lot of my previous work.  Is this an oncoming Adventure and Learning Experience I smell?  😛

Pencil drawing on canvas

Pencil drawing outlined with brown ink

First wash layer of burnt umber

I’ll probably add at least one more wash before starting in with the preliminary values.  “Leviathan Queen” is being shy, but you can see there has been some progress, notably the shell on the bottom right.

I must think of a title for my “Rapunzel” piece…it’ll probably pop into my head out of the blue like my titles usually do.

In other news, I received a very helpful review of my portfolio website from Awesome Horse Studios.  There are a lot of changes that need to be implemented, and I’ve been meaning to revamp the website for a while now.  I’m so grateful for their advice and comments–it’ll set me in the right direction for the new version!