Ok, so UPDATE. “Leviathan Queen” is being…extremely difficult.  Basically, if I hadn’t taken those couple months off where I did a bunch of digital, this piece would already be done–it would have been ok, not great, but ok.  Now that I’ve come back to it, though, with new knowledge, I just can’t get past the errors and keep seeing things wrong with it.  I need to stop repainting stuff and just finish it already!

On the bright side, I stretched a new canvas and am looking forward to beginning a new oil in one of my favorite themes–fairy tale subversion. This time: Rapunzel.

Also, took some photos a few weeks ago–I want to do a very realist still life.  I figure there’s a lot I could learn from that.

To keep me going through my trials with “Leviathan Queen”, I’ve painted two mini paintings–lots of fun!  Thinking I might try to sell them for $15 apiece on Etsy.

Finally, a bit of digital–my next panel of “Origin”.  Looking back at the third panel, me thinks it may be a good idea to repaint that with a looser style like this one.  This panel still needs work, though, so I’ll have another whack at it in a couple days.

Stay tuned!