Ack…so, this is taking some time. Having trouble with the firelight lighting, and of course the feathers are taking forever (in part because I am an idiot and didn’t devote enough energy to finding good references and doing some studies beforehand…when will I ever learn?). I also realized (rather late in the game, I know) that there is NO WAY this is going to work as the second panel–way too sudden. I’m going to need to ease into this shot a bit more gradually–I think I know what perspective I want to do for this additional panel, and it will also permit me to distribute the text more evenly. Sucks, though, because I was definitely ready to move on into the next part.

In other news, did a little bit of work on “Leviathan Queen” this weekend–nice to get back into the oils for a change.  Also did some anatomy studies…need to do A LOT more of those.  :\