So…”It’s Not a Phase” is finally finished.  I put up the photo in the gallery last weekend, but I’m going to take some more photos once I put the galkyd on.  There are about half a million things I can think of to fix or improve upon, but I needed to move on.

Check out the upcoming “Leviathan Queen”:

Pencil drawing traced over with brown ink–the arm was totally too short.

 Burnt sienna wash, then blocking in the shadows.

First few layers of colors–some parts are more advanced than others, and I’ve lengthened the arm.  (I apologize for the grainy photo–will be sure to post a better one soon!)
Then just tonight, I made myself do some digital painting, and something finally clicked:
F***ing finally–I’m starting to get it!
I can’t wait to work more on this–not sure exactly where I’m going to take this piece, so it’s pretty exciting.  This happened earlier on when I wanted to see what a red background would look like–thought it was sort of cool:
Reminds me a little of the video game WET.
Anyway, more to come soon!

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