Sorry for the lack of updates!  I have, however, been busy painting!  Currently, I’m working on “It’s Not a Phase” and am really looking forward to finishing it.  It has been quite a challenge because of the size (32″ x 66″)!  

This painting itself is what I have been calling a “double subversion” of my least favorite fairy tale (guess which one), but the title is a tip of the hat to my (incredibly) awkward adolescence: I ran around in over-sized T-shirts with glow-in-the-dark wolves emblazoned on the front and fashioned “spears” out of dowel rods my dad brought home from the hardware store (my career goal at the time was to become a hermitess).

 Pencil sketch…took FOREVER (a special thanks to my instructor for helping me)!

 Outline in ink, then burnt sienna wash

 First few layers of color

 …and more layers
 Finally got to the legs…
 Worked on the wolf face, plus background detailing
 The body and face are nearly done (with the exception of the right arm/hand and feet)…next up: the sheepskin, spear and shred of red cloak!

The digital painting is ongoing–right now, my oil paintings are still the priority for me.  I have one on hold (because I got distracted with “It’s Not a Phase”) and just started a small self-portrait for an upcoming contest.  I’m very excited out my next big work–its working title is “Leviathan Queen”.  Think lots of tentacles.  🙂