Well, this took longer than I thought it would, and it’s still not finished!  I only just started detailing the shell and the background.  I had a hard time deciding what I wanted for the background–in the end I opted for roots, rocks and steps because I wanted an environment that seemed natural but not entirely friendly.    
Some have asked what “L’escargot aux yeux écarquillés” means; it means “The snail with eyes wide open”. 
There are multiple meanings depending on your interpretation, yet it remains a personal reflection. Perhaps I, the snail-woman, am attempting to withdraw from my shell–in that sense it may symbolize rebirth and leaving behind apathy and fear. Or perhaps I am resting, tired from dragging the shell along with me, yet I cannot leave it behind. The background is meant to represent future challenges as rocks, tree roots and stairs will bring fatigue and discomfort to those unfortunate enough to have to crawl over them.