Welcome to my painting journal–I hope you enjoy following the progress of my work!

I just started last night what I’m calling “Chameleon Carapace”–I’ve always thought of myself as both a shy, prudent snail and a capricious, unpredictable chameleon.  They sound incongruous, don’t they?  So, I thought–wouldn’t it be cool to bring those two ideas together in a painting?

Here’s the concept sketch:

Here’s the sketch put to canvas and a glimpse of my workspace, which is…uh…cluttered.

Here is the first stage of the painting.  It all worked out in the end, but I learned that it is unwise to do a wash in a undependable color like purple and also don’t use any linseed oil…

Until next time!
P.S. Will try to get better at photographing my work…  :\